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Snowdrop Flowers

Australian Bush Flower Essences

Flowers contain vibrational energy, which can improve physical, mental,

emotional and spiritual concerns regardless of the origin of the problem.

Flower Essences look at the energy anatomy within and around the physical body and even higher spiritual bodies, regardless of the origin of the problem - physical, mental, emotional or spiritual - flower essences can aid in healing. The essences contain the energetic signature of the flower.  Each flower represents one or more qualities or emotions expressed by humans. The essences aid in balancing those qualities or emotions.  This in turn aids in healing the physical issues caused by the imbalances. One of the beautiful qualities of flower essences is that they are self regulating, this means a person cant take too much.  When the optimal level is reached, the body and energy field simply stops accepting the essence.

Get creative and blend your own flower essence!

Using Five Australian Bush Flowers

All flower essences are charged with Reiki energy to amplify the vibrational impact of the essence.

By tapping into your own Higher Consciousness, pick up to five individual flowers.

Don't over think this process, just instinctively pick the flowers that stand out for you. 

If there is a card that you have a strong aversion to, pull this out as well. 

This card may be relating to something important in your life that perhaps you are resisting. 

You will be surprised at how accurate the reading can be.

Michelle will send you a detailed report of the flowers you chose along with the essence.

69 flowers to choose from

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