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Wild Flowers

About Us

- Michelle Considine -


Hi, I'm Michelle Considine and I strongly believe

the most effective way of healing is by treating a person

as a whole rather than treating just an illness, body part or symptom. 

I also strongly believe in the self-healing power that our bodies possess.

My thirst for personal growth started with dealing with depression for the greater part of my life.  Finding no relief for the pain and sadness I continually felt.  So my journey began over a decade ago when I first got introduced to Yoga.  I loved it so much I became a qualified Yoga Instructor. I found meditation helped me tap into my intuition and inner wisdom and the daily yoga helped heal my old mental scars and wounds. Next my interest sparked with an ancient Japanese healing technique called Reiki. Being qualified as a Reiki Therapist and being a wildlife carer at the time, I also had a career working with animals so this new found skill was put to great use not only on myself but also with the animals around me. Being an animal lover and never being able to say no to a wounded creature that I could nurture back to health I was always surrounded by at least a dozen animals at one time, so plenty furry, feathered and scaly volunteers to practice on.

My self help journey continued with me studying Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy and Mindfulness, incorporating meditation and breathwork. I also studied Australian Bush Flower Essences in which I became a  Practitioner after my personal experiences with these magical little vibrational potions that brought so  much needed clarity and emotional balance back into my life.

I want to help you make peace with your thoughts.  To help you experience clarity and confidence in yourself and in all aspects of your life. I am passionate about supporting YOU out of suffering and limitation and into fulfillment and harmony.

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"I have now found balance and fulfillment in my life and can help you do the same."

- Michelle

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